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To Robert

The pain in my back, the darkness around all had to be lifted if I wanted to live. I tried a few tricks ‘till I saw him one day. He was shortish and oldish He was quiet and still He looked with a gaze full of insight and peace. “I am Robert – he said – and Pralaya’s the way. I speak for your body so often mistreated. How is it – he said – that you don’t understand? The body’s a message for you to uncover.

With that he disappeared and left me thinking.

It was a while ‘till one day it came and Dharma was born without too much fuss. It had to be there, there was no other way, to share the Pralaya with people, you see.

I went to Robert and asked him again: “What shall I do with these people with pains? From sciaticas, tendonitis to scoliosis, you see I did not know how to handle it all.

His answer was there in the silence he offered. A silence reflecting his principles and words

“Stop looking at all these cool poses - he said Bakasana, titibasana, are nothing as such. Tucking in, stretching, are not what you need. Soften your body, find the peace that’s within Remember to always strengthen weak muscles. Remember to keep uniform pressure on joints. And mostly remember to let your spine long and relaxed.

And by all means please let go of your fears and know you are loved.

Listen carefully, Trust Treat well Pay attention Give love Share the Pralaya, take it with heart, Share it with those who are ready to listen Continue to grow, make it known Expand Make it yours For Pralaya, you see, is what everyone needs.

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