January 15, 2018

Why are we here, what is our purpose and what is our role with regards to the rest of the universe?  Many philosophers have developed theories about the human condition, creating various forms of political movements, religions or social groupings, and every generation...

May 12, 2017

Pas que ce soit très compliqué...  Les bliss balls sont mon coupe faim préféré (et celui de mes enfants), il fait l'unanimité lors des célébrations chez Dharma et il se marie très bien avec le champagne!

Pour faire vos bliss balls, il suffit de mixer ensemble des dates...

February 26, 2017

The pain in my back, the darkness around
all had to be lifted if I wanted to live.
I tried a few tricks ‘till I saw him one day.

He was shortish and oldish
He was quiet and still
He looked with a gaze full of insight and peace.
“I am Robert – he said – and Pralaya’s t...