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What is yoga?

Yoga is a philosophy, it is a way of life.Yoga has been described through many ancient texts, and we use these texts to help ourselves find our peace.We experience the beauty and strength of our life as part of a whole, teaching us compassion and love for all life.

We see yoga as postures that are fun to do. These postures help us find our balance, they help us open our bodies so the energy can flow through us. They help us feel confident and strong. They help us feel the softness of letting go. To feel the energy you can put your hands together and slowly start separating them, or if you have a partner, you can stand in front of each other and put your hands together, slowly move away and feel the tingle between the hands.

the postures are here to make us feel good about ourselves, connect with our bodies and teach us to like our bodies as they are.To experience our being.

With the postures we understand the importance of breath. How breath can lead us to feel our bodies.

We can use breath to calm ourselves if we are angry. We can use breath to soften our sadness and help us feel less sad. We can breathe if we are scared. And if we get too excited, we also need to breathe. Breath is an important tool that helps us apply the philosophy of yoga to ourselves.

What is yoga.